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Take it at face, If you must take it all
For it speaks to us both, Who feign standing tall

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dear Anonymous

I've been on hiatus
For quite a long spell
Distraught by the latest
In life's harshly strewn cell
Passion has abandoned
The pen in my sheath
A poet unhanded
My heart skipped a beat
I fell off the earth
Looking for stars
And was left wondering
If I'd ever get far
Seemed that all I'd accomplished
Was nothing in fact
All that I'd built up
Was both charlatan and quack
That my substance and core
Devoid of appeasement
Surrendered once more
To sounds of "he isn't"
But something you've said
Oh blind friend, Anonymous
Has rattled my head
To question defeat ignominious
Perhaps you've just saved me
From a bland old existence
Reminded me poetically
That hope grants subsistence
So maybe I will listen
And once more ink the nib
Explore my inner vision
And write down what I've hid