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Monday, May 4, 2009

At the moment...

Time is dimension I often misunderstand 
In the great scheme of life
It never varies its course
Despite my constantly varying assessment 
Of its true value   

When I was a child
Every day was a unique experience
Because each day was new and grand
I was innocent and naive 
Carefree and rambunctious 
Making the most of every waking second

But as I grew older
And each new day
Became a smaller snippet 
Of my greater experience 
I began to lose track 
Of the value of any given moment

Days blended together
As I got caught up in myself 
And lost track of the ticking clock
Of the bigger picture
Of the marathon ahead 
And lessons gained from time spent

My inward orientation  
Left perspective by the wayside 
As years quickly passed
With frustration and impatience 
Nurtured at the hand 
Of my juvenile observations

Now I find myself 
Seemingly starting anew
Yet time has gone unchallenged 
Leaving me a quarter of the way through
Yearning for the innocence of days past
Dreaming of grandeur in the days ahead 
Forgetting still, of the present moment 

I must slow down!
And appreciate today
Maximizing each second
For the benefit of the next
For I now realize
That if I rush the race
And focus only on the end
Then time will fly by 
Without my knowing 

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