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Friday, May 15, 2009

Escaping addiction...

I have a problem
Actually, I have several 
Gambling and

These are my addictions 
That whisk me away from reality
If only for a moment
That I stretch into days at a time

It seems that every time
Responsibility beckons
I find an excuse 
To embrace my addictions
Trying to escape
My human existence 

But when I come down from my high
And find my way back to reality 
Nothing has changed 
My duties are still waiting 
For my attention 

I find myself scared
And a mess 
Unsure where to start 
As my cool loses out to stress 

I turn back to my addictions
Thinking one last rush 
Before I attend to my chores
Would do me good 
And calm my nerves

But one becomes two
Which becomes infinitely more 
And the next thing I know 
I'm back to the drawing board
Except each time I come down 
I think, "Shit man, great"
With sarcastic undertones 
As I spy the pile's grown on my plate

My escapes from reality, I realize 
Do nothing more than delay the inevitable
But leave me more stressed than before
And yet each time I understand this 
I reach for my addictions once more

Bewildered yet lacking control 
I'm a slave to escapism 
And recovering on the bathroom floor

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