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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fighting distractions...

There's nothing like a good flight
To get my blood flowing 
And remind me that I'm still alive

As a child, this search for meaning
Was attributed to simple boredom 
And too much energy locked up inside 

But that view came from up above
From guidance and love
Hoping I wasn't just some miscreant 

Down came orders and rules
Intended to curb my fuel
Thinking I needed some discipline 

But as I rose through the ranks
And was forced to give thanks 
I created new arenas of battle

Not with hands or toys 
Did I fight other boys 
But instead with oratory paddle 

I thought it was the rush of the cage
And a hint of my rage
That brought me primal satisfaction

But truth be told
In my years, now old 
I realize it was simple human interaction

That a fight and a scuffle
Or an intellectual tussle 
Could serve as simple distraction 

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