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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Vintage opinions...

If human experience has taught me anything 
It is that everyone has an opinion 
And every opinion is different 
Some are naive, passive, and innocent 
While others seem down right belligerent 

But every opinion that finds itself thrust in my direction 
Be it aggressive, manipulative, or via subtle inflection
Is said by a voice 
So unique in its course
That its understanding of my situation 
From its speaker is divorced 
For each does his own thing
And in his own time
Clumsily wandering
With his own type of rhyme 

And yes, sometimes I appreciate 
The eyes of another's journey 
But please don't be offended 
If I submit not to your mean 
Be not mistaken
I've listened to what you've said
Swished it around mentally
With the snifter in my head
Went back to the drawing board
Envisioning the perfect image 
Not drunk by all humanity
But of my own personal vintage

And what I've found to be most tasteful 
What really whets my palate 
Is making my own choices 
And believing they are valid 

For my life is my own
And I must do what is best
To satisfy my thoughts 
And heed not the rest
Because it seems unlikely 
That there is a guide to this game
Sheer reason and logic
Tell me no two wines taste the same 


  1. my favorite so far because i can relate. especially "And what I've found to be most tasteful
    What really whets my palate
    Is making my own choices
    And believing they are valid"

    thanks for this petey!

    keep it up. i thoroughly enjoy your writing.

  2. np prob anna. i hope you follow what's in your heart. love you kid.