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Friday, May 1, 2009

Frustrated waiting...

It is frustrating to have to wait for others
When I'm already geared to go
It makes my day feel infinitely longer
In a manner that's unnecessarily slow

I've been taught to have patience 
Because each works at his own pace
But I've got a sneaky suspicion 
That many simply waste their days
Expecting me to wait
With a smile on my face
And chillness in my gait

I try to hide my personal indignation 
And chalk up my impatience 
To personal frustrations 
But my gut reaction 
Whose honesty I try to hide
When the truth it hints 
Is that I'm being taken for a ride

They say wait, hold on, have a seat
The process is delicate 
We must take our time
You know Rome wasn't built in a day

I sigh sure, if you must, go ahead
Put me on your queue 
I'll just twiddle my thumbs
Cause I know you'll get to me someday 

But the reality is
I'm afraid
That its hard to motivate others
When they've one foot in the grave
At least, that is
If you hear them tell it
Because one thing's for sure
They try their hardest to sell it
That life is tough 
And they're doing their best
That they've had enough 
And need a minute to rest 

But what about me
And the tasks that lie ahead
Do I sit here idly 
And take stock in what they've said
Delaying my own chores
Despite being willing and able
Waiting for the others 
So I can finally put food on my table

Damn the frustration 
I never know how to handle it 
Inwardly I'm off-the walls 
But outwardly I must mantle it 
And sit patiently waiting 
And realize that things are out my control
And sometimes life is frustrating 

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