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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The cosmic maitre...

Faith is the only word 
I can use to describe 
The depth of my fortitude
And resilience of my drive 

I have no clue of my destination 
Nor an idea of scripted line
But through modes of contemplation 
I trust that I'll be fine

I'll make it through 
Worn for good show
At the end of the day
Inwardly I'll know
That something beyond my control
Outside of my being
Gave guidance to steps
And resolve to my decisions

Sure, I'll make mistakes
From which I hope to grow
And have frustrated takes
During my one man show
But gain without the peril 
Never helps me grow 

Thus I take my days in stride
I work, I hustle, and oh, I grind 
I put my mind at ease 
While the world I appease 
Until I'm lucky enough to find
My fated script and life to bide

So no big deal
If sometimes I reel 
For I have faith in stars above 
You see, my heart and my soul
Coupled with notions beyond my control 
Allow me to feel and indescribable love
From something greater
Beyond space and time
The cosmic maitre 
Lets me know that I'll be fine 

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