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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Small victories...

Each day, I search for a small victory 
Just to let me know 
That I've done something right
When I happen upon my triumph 
A smile invades my face

It is reassuring
And refreshing
To know that I've succeeded
If only in a miniscule task

Despite the trials of the day
And the cubicles that shield 
The outside world 
Trapping me in the dregs 
Of our lubricated existence 
The small wins remind me 
That I'm alive
And Fighting 
To keep my head held high
And my mind even-keeled 

I'm not a cog in a gear
Or a spoke in a wheel
I'm an individual 
Who can appreciate 
The nuanced pride
And subtle honor 
Of achievement 
Even if facially insignificant 

Taking notice of the good
Deflects severity of the bad
Rendering times lost
As stepping stones
Simply mistakes yielding experience  
Rather than a portrait 
Of my traits

Yes the smallest conquests
Make me feel great 
And push me forward 
To another day
For one by one
A lifetime of wins
Even among a sea of losses 
And script my fate 

For victory tastes sweeter
When I realize I am victorious 

1 comment:

  1. good point. it's best not to get ahead of yourself and just take it one step at a time...