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Friday, April 10, 2009

The road home...

Most of my conversations are one sided
Because they take place in my head.
Arguments, especially, are best fought in this manner. 
I question myself a little,
But give too much in return.
Far more than I would an outward foe.
My victories are mighty 
And my glory is known far and wide.
At least in the villages and towns of my mind.

But every so often,
Usually around the holidays,
I find myself confronted 
Not with hostility
But with truth.
I find myself occasioned with questions of my youth;
Of temperament and frame-of-mind;
Of decisions made, inwardly and outwardly.

I am forced to collect my thoughts, 
Gathering troubadours to recount stories of my journey.
I hide neither the honor nor the failings,
Knowing that my audience is not swayed by banter.
By bravado.
By bullshit. 
They seek truth.

Thus I know I'm home. 

I am with those who know me best.
More deeply than the outside world.
I am surrounded by those for whom a line does not exist,
Whose curt words slice bullshit off the top layer by mere existence.

Gone are the yes-men and the underlings, 
The bosses and the critics,
The baristas and the concierge.

Now, there is truth.
Transparency to the over-indulgent me who's been cascading the terrain seeking answers 
Like a chameleon.

Now, there is clarity. 
To the muse behind my actions.
To the benchmarks along my path.
To the goals of days ahead.

Now, there is motivation.
To stay the course with resolute sword
While maintaining faith
And an open mind
For nothing is known in future time. 

Most importantly, there is a renewed sense of myself.
Of the makeup of my fiber.
Of the opportunities ahead.
Of the common bonds of man;
Who must all wield the battleaxe of war;
Who must rise to the occasion;
And forge the road ahead. 

Suddenly, I find that I am home. 


  1. Nice! This style really speaks to me. Your prose is really rounding into form. I'm not sure if you intended it, but it feels like it builds on the earlier unicorn post.

  2. Thanks Dasaech. The build on unicorn was unintentional but I imagine that my subconscious is grouping things together without my knowing. I'll have to have a talk w it and figure this one out...