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Take it at face, If you must take it all
For it speaks to us both, Who feign standing tall

Monday, April 13, 2009

OK is a state of mind...

Hey man, are you OK?
Yeah guy, I'm doing alright. 

No, but really, are you OK??
Ummm, yeah, really. I'm doing just fine. 

Hmmph. So everything's OK???
Yeah, dude. Did I stutter the first two times?

No, no. It just seems like your not OK.
How do you figure?

Well your thoughts reveal sorrow, anger and fear. 
I was just wondering if your mind is really clear. 
You can confide in me, I won't tell a soul. 
Just lean on back and give it a go. 

Wait friend, how do you know my thoughts?

By your words of course. 
Your frantic prose.
I sense demons inside you.
Seeking to be exposed. 

Huh, I see. 
Well my friend, you jump to conclusions. 
The secrets you see are simply illusions. 
As far as I know, things are just fine. 
I'm just wandering the earth doing my time.

There you go again!

Where did I go?

To some isolationist, nomadic, cryptic thought... "wandering the earth doing my time." 
This isn't prison you know.

Oh dear friend.
My cryptic banter is merely reflective.
Don't let it fool you.
For its purposely deceptive.
I speak not of self, but of the world I've encountered. 
I elucidate views that I imagine have floundered 

But what does that mean, if not that you're affected;
Lonely, unsure, and somewhat dejected.

It means that I'm cognizant of the struggles of peers.
It means that I recognize the depth of my fears. 
But hardly does it mean that I'm not alright.
For discovery of self simply begins the fight.

So you're telling me that you're fine, ginger, and dandy.
That a pill and frill wouldn't be handy?

Yes, dear friend, like I said before.
The words from my mouth are meant to explore. 
For the trials of man are often the same. 
So examining their scope is the name of my game.

Hmmph. I see. 
Your answers momentarily satisfy my inner worry. 
But if I reckon you're lying I'll be back in a hurry.

Thanks friend. 
I wouldn't expect anything less.