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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The paranoid hole...

I have a jacket,
And it has a hole.
But I wore it anyway,
And went for a stroll.

At first my jaunt was isolated, 
And the hole didn't bother me much;
But once my path was penetrated,
Paranoia became my crutch. 

Did others notice the hole?
If so, what did they learn?
Was I merely a slovenly pedestrian?
Did they recognize it was a cigarette burn?
A sign of my addiction, 
A memento of my affliction, 
A keepsake of my conviction, 
To act and sin, but never learn?

I became conscious of my shortcoming,
And glanced at the other walkers;
None of whom seemed to notice me,
Not even the avid talkers. 

My hole was glaring!
But only to me.
For others it seemed,
It was too small to see.

So why did I feel, 
In my conscious quite real,
That my vision was not alone?
I must have failed, 
And mistakenly surveilled, 
To realize that to each his own.

In my paranoid state, 
My subconscious inmate, 
Had over-valued his plight.
He'd forgotten to remember, 
That each social member,
Had their own demons to fight. 

Each had hole,
That they shielded from others,
Protecting their own pride.
Paranoid thoughts,
And self-conscious druthers, 
Drove the hole back inside. 

Away from prying eyes and accusatory cries, 
All men were one and the same.
Paranoid and self-conscious while hiding flaws,
For all had a hole to their name. 

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  1. so true... everyone's got their own problems to deal with. at most they merely make a brief mental note