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Introspective fluff meant to recount the blunders
Take it at face, If you must take it all
For it speaks to us both, Who feign standing tall

Friday, April 17, 2009


Hot Sun
Central Park
Ultimate Frisbee
Cool Breeze 
Magic Dragon
Lifted Spirit
Shading Rays
Summer Dress
Dirty Blond
Soft Skin
Pearly Whites
Radiant Smile 
Chance Encounter
Genuine Laugh
Shared Light
Bare Feet 
Glistening Grass
Song Birds
Lunch Time
Long Walk
Budding Flowers
Rising Trees
Prominent Boulders
Picnic Baskets 
Hidden Gems 
Horse Carriage
Shopping Bags
Columbus Fountain 
City Landscapes
Yellow Cab
Prince Street
Mercer Kitchen
Hamachi Sashimi
Shucked Oysters 
Sea Scallops
Strawberry Shortcake 
Your Place
Scented Candles
Red Wine
Afternoon Delight
Welcomed Back
Spring Time 

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