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Monday, April 27, 2009

My friend Mary...

My dearest friend 
We meet again 
Encounters filled with cheers 
No judgements made
No debts to be paid
Just laughter inducing tears 

Your carefree nature 
And lack of hater 
Bring me to my calm 
Our partial remedies 
To our fading memories 
Spur conversations aplomb  

You bring a smile to my face
And fill my heart with joy
Genuine nature, I do embrace
Finds me giddy like a little boy
Of all the world's wonders
And the spark in your eye
Of the vigor of life
And what happens when we die

For when we are together
Everything is heightened 
Taste, texture, sound and color
My sensories are brightened 
Enlightened by your honesty
Enlightened by your truth 
Enlightened by your carefree nature
Enlightened by your youth

Whenever we meet
You appear the same
Providence blessed
Things to never change
At least not between us
Friends through and through
The layers of cocktail fodder 
Reaching the deepest root 

And though some speak poorly
Degrading your social status 
Keep in mind that they are surly
Instead heed the words of Epictetus 

You are you and you are best
You help me lay my fears to rest 
For you are my closest compatriot 
With you, I am proud to affiliate 

And so I praise
Your relaxing ways
And the effects you have on my brain
So once again 
To my dear old friend 
Thank you Mary Jane 

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