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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Time to recharge...

Some days, I just don't feel like myself. 
I'm never quite sure what prompts these blue days.

Perhaps a poor night's sleep,
A dearth of fulfilling tasks, 
Or possibly just boredom. 
Maybe even flight from impending duties,
Ignoring pressing issues, 
That always seem to leave me stressed.

Whatever the reason,
Gone is the vigor that normally guides my days,
And fuels my nights. 

Sheer apathy.
Not depression,
Not fear,
Not anger.
Only boredom laced with indifference.

So I sit and laze,
Perhaps wrap and haze,
Waiting for time to pass;
Until my next mentally challenging, 
And personally fulfilling task. 

I've grown so accustomed to breakneck speed,
And a plate for three, 
That I forget to breath;
To the point, unfortunately, 
Where a pleasant reprieve,
Is met with doubt.

Don't I have work to do?
Or calls to make?
Or a function to attend?
Didn't I promise one of my buddies
That we'd drink to no end? 

It's hard to push these thoughts away,
For sometimes I feel like I'm losing out.
Like I'm not maximizing my time on earth.
Like I'm letting precious seconds tick away unused.

It is in these down times,
These doldrums of life, 
When the interesting things aren't happening, 
At least not for me;
That I force myself to step back and relax,
To take the quiet storm at face value,
And recharge my batteries.

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