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Monday, May 11, 2009

Heavenly blessing...

Damn, I just got hit with a doozie 
Blew me right out of the water
An old friend, confidant and lover
Pregnant, soon with son or daughter 

It's a shock to my system 
But not one of jealousy 
More like fingers snapping
Jolting me back to reality 

It's not our grinding 
But real life timing
That contorts our earthly course
Bringing new life, shining 
Heaven blessed, divining 
Our next step through the door

Yes, our actions play parts
Coupled with feelings of hearts
And things always beyond our control 
But should fate intervene 
Pushing destiny unseen 
New virtues, we should extol  

For though I have plans
I am simply a man
Unable to reign in the stars
News of heaven's hand
Touching a great friend 
Brings consciousness to my prison bars
For I am not locked in isolation 
But there's a whole world left unchecked
And though I am not without destination 
The forks in the road, I must respect 
Reality comes at its own choosing
So I must bow down and honor the new things

So to my dear old friend 
Whose memory will never fade 
May God bless the fruit of your womb
And bring great joy to the reality you've made

I pray that all will turn out well
In reality that suddenly snuck
You're a wonderful girl in a hell of a world 
And I wish you the best of luck!

Congrats L! 

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