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Friday, May 8, 2009

The ideal fuse...

I stared out through my window frame
Hoping, dreaming, wondering her name 
The rain clouds lifted 
The sun shone in
At once thoughts drifted 
Her heart I'd win!
Through intricate prose 
Or simple repose 
Our paths would meet
Becoming one and the same
But first, dear muse
A hint of her name?

I apologize friend 
For though I tickle imagination 
Things like Ms. Wifey
Are beyond my contemplation 
Sure, I could create an elaborate trait 
That would have you flipping heals 
But the truth of the matter 
Is that fiction is sadder
When you find out a character ain't real 

I bucked up in my chair
And was suddenly aware
That my muse had rejected my plea
To envision a goddess
Nay, an angel more modest 
So I asked, "Why won't you help me?"

Oh, dear dreamer 
You're always the schemer 
Hustling for the ends you seek
But you must understand 
That when it comes to woman and man
Reality is the mountain's peak 
If you create perfection 
Via internal reflection 
You'll find yourself unsatisfied with what's really out there
But if you clear your mind 
From benchmarks, you'll find
A world full maidens quite beautiful and fair 

My head began nodding
For I understood the muse
The answer I was prodding 
Came in a range of hues 
But if I focused on one image
The right one I might lose
For hidden among the masses 
Was the unknown, but ideal fuse. 

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